Get involved with the FREE cinema

FREE cinema is held on the first tuesday of the month.

It’s in the auditorium of the bike shed theatre, following that evening’s performance, so usually starting at 9pm.

We’ll have a table in the bar reserved from 8.30pm, so why not get there early and get into a debate with the rest of the film-hungry crowd?

We try to hold a discussion after the film and aim to invite a relevant speaker or the filmmaker to set the tone.

If you’d like to support the FREE cinema, you could donate some money towards travel costs for visiting speakers, publicity materials or the cost of hiring/licensing new films.

You might like to help out, as technician/ projectionist or flyer distributor or just join in the conversation about what to see in the forthcoming months, put your email in the form below and we’ll sign you up to the listserve.

If you have any suggestions for films to show (ideally where the licensing is waived) or are a filmmaker with a grassroots / community / activist film to share, please get in touch too.


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